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John Martineck

Mr. Martineck has over 36 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He managed the largest crude oil marketing operation inside of ARCO, the largest net seller of crude oil in the nation at the time. Mr. Martineck later co-founded Summit Resource Management, an oil and gas consulting firm. Summit specialized in business and technical management for independent oil and gas producers. Mr. Martineck led the drive to reform the US crude oil marketing practices nationwide and assisted the US government in rewriting the federal oil royalty valuation regulations. He was instrumental in assisting the US government and many state governments to obtain full value for their crude oil sales. Mr. Martineck managed the design and construction of the BlueCrest oil and gas production facility in Anchor Point, Alaska. He concurrently managed the design, construction, and logistics to bring to Alaska the largest, most powerful drilling rig operating in the state. He currently oversees all of the oil and gas drilling and production operations for BlueCrest. Mr. Martineck holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma.