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Anthony Gumbiner

Mr. Gumbiner is an Investment Banker and a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Judicature of England. He serves as Chairman of The Hallwood Trust, a Monaco and Dallas based family office which operates through its owned and affiliated operating subsidiaries that have for many years specialized in investing in and providing financing to diversified U.S. and U.K. companies. The Trust currently has investments in marketable securities and debt instruments, oil and gas, textile products, protective building systems, real estate investment and development in the United States and radio stations in the UK. Over the last 28 years Mr. Gumbiner has served as Chairman and Chief Executive of companies on the London Stock Exchange, The New York Stock Exchange, The American Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Mr. Gumbiner today serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of publicly held Dallas-based The Hallwood Group Incorporated, as a Director of BlueCrest Energy Inc, Wisent Energy PLC (formerly Silurian Hallwood PLC), MBI Leasing LLC, Hallwood Resources Poland Inc, Local Radio Company PLC and Damille Investments Limited, a Guernsey closed ended investment company listed on the specialist Fund market of the LSE. He has previously served as Chairman and Chief Executive of New Fulcrum Investment Trust PLC, an Investment Trust listed on The Stock Exchange, London and Chairman of The Local Radio Company PLC listed on The Stock Exchange, London.