Board of Directors

Robert Israel
Director, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Israel is a managing member of the General Partner, a managing member of the Manager and a member of the Investment Committee of One Stone Holdings, LP, the largest and controlling shareholder in BlueCrest Energy Inc. Mr. Israel was a Partner at Compass Advisers, LLP, a transatlantic strategic advisory and private investment firm with offices in New York, London and Shanghai. During his time at Compass, Mr. Israel was the head of the firm’s energy practice. He has been involved in a wide range of energy related engagements, principal investments and corporate finance, including exclusive advisory to Lukoil on the formation of its strategic relationship with ConocoPhillips. Prior to joining Compass in May 2000, Mr. Israel was Head of the Energy Department of Schroder & Co. Inc., where he advised companies in all segments of the energy industry. Notable assignments include Conoco Inc. management on its separation from Dupont Inc., which resulted in the largest IPO completed, to that date, in U.S. history. Mr. Israel has initiated and been a principal in a number of energy related investments including Venture Production Company, Brasoil Do Brasil, Hart Energy, Canyon Offshore Company and Suelopetrol C.A. Currently, Mr. Israel is also a Director of Brasoil do Brasil, an independent E&P company based in Brazil; W&T Offshore, an exploration and production company operating exclusively in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico; Suelopetrol C.A., a Venezuelan company engaged in seismic data gathering and exploration for oil and gas; Hart Energy Publishing, a trade publishing company covering the energy sector; API, Inc. a company which manufactures secure equipment for U.S. and foreign government agencies. Mr. Israel holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Middlebury College. He speaks Spanish and French and served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Latin America and West Africa.

Vadim Gluzman

Mr. Gluzman is a managing member of the General Partner, a managing member of the Manager and a member of the Investment Committee of One Stone Holdings, LP, the largest and controlling shareholder in BlueCrest Energy Inc. Mr. Gluzman was born in 1962 in Lvov, Ukraine. In 1985, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Technologies with a Master’s degree in chemical technologies and worked as a chemical engineer in the Moscow Institute of Plastics. From 1991 to 1994, he worked as a chemical engineer for Teknor Apex Corporation in Rhode Island. In 1997, he joined OAO LUKOIL as President of Lukoil Americas Holding. In 2004 Mr. Gluzman was appointed vice president of OAO LUKOIL. He resigned from all positions within OAO LUKOIL in December 31, 2011 and began his relationship with One Stone Holdings, LP.

Rob McKee

Mr. McKee served 37 years with ConocoPhillips and Conoco, Inc., including the last 10 years as Executive Vice President over worldwide Exploration and Production (1992-2002) and a member of the Conoco Management Committee. His early positions included drilling engineer, rig supervisor worldwide (mostly floaters), drilling manager, and Production Manager in the UK, Middle East and the U.S. He was promoted to a regional E&P manager in the U.S. with responsibility for, among other things, construction of the Milne Point project on Alaska’s North Slope, followed by the positions of VP of E&P Technology and VP of Conoco Europe. During the last 10 years of his Conoco tenure, he successfully led the company into Venezuela, Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia, while moving Conoco’s upstream business from a mid-pack player to one widely recognized as the best in the business. He integrated Conoco’s and Phillips’ upstream functions starting in 2001 and then retired from ConocoPhillips in 2003. Immediately following his Conoco retirement, he accepted an appointment by U.S. president George W. Bush as the Senior Advisor to Amb Bremer and the Iraqi Oil Ministry to lead the highly successful reconstruction of the Iraqi oil sector following the invasion of Iraq and subsequent ouster of Saddam Hussein. He later became the non-executive Chairman of Enventure Global Technologies (50/50 joint venture between Shell and Halliburton), from which he retired in 2009. He served on the board of directors of Parker Drilling until 2013. He is currently serving as a director of QEP Resources (NYSE: QEP), Post Oak Bank, Colorado School of Mines Foundation, and BlueCrest Energy. He holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and a Master of Science in Industrial Management from the MIT Sloan School.

Anthony Gumbiner

Mr. Gumbiner is an Investment Banker and a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Judicature of England. He serves as Chairman of The Hallwood Trust, a Monaco and Dallas based family office which operates through its owned and affiliated operating subsidiaries that have for many years specialized in investing in and providing financing to diversified U.S. and U.K. companies. The Trust currently has investments in marketable securities and debt instruments, oil and gas, textile products, protective building systems, real estate investment and development in the United States and radio stations in the UK. Over the last 28 years Mr. Gumbiner has served as Chairman and Chief Executive of companies on the London Stock Exchange, The New York Stock Exchange, The American Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Mr. Gumbiner today serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of publicly held Dallas-based The Hallwood Group Incorporated, as a Director of BlueCrest Energy Inc, Wisent Energy PLC (formerly Silurian Hallwood PLC), MBI Leasing LLC, Hallwood Resources Poland Inc, Local Radio Company PLC and Damille Investments Limited, a Guernsey closed ended investment company listed on the specialist Fund market of the LSE. He has previously served as Chairman and Chief Executive of New Fulcrum Investment Trust PLC, an Investment Trust listed on The Stock Exchange, London and Chairman of The Local Radio Company PLC listed on The Stock Exchange, London.

J. Benjamin Johnson
Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

(See Mr. Johnson’s background under “Management”)